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Our full-time staff is ready to cater to your aquarium needs. We are also the largest aquarium retail store in Southern California; this means we can bring all your favorites (dry goods, fish, ornaments, etc.) directly to your door. We can quote you service at your home or business, over the phone or in the store. There is a cost for us to come to your work or home. When we first come to your business or home, we will perform routine maintenance on the aquarium during that visit. This way we get to know you and your aquarium better and you get to experience our service. Service Levels
Maintenance costs for aquariums 90 gallons and below: A minimum of $85 per visit is charged plus the cost of filter material needed (on average, about $10.00 per visit); water changes up to 20% are included in the cost of maintenance. The water we use is filtered by reverse osmosis and deionization. For saltwater aquariums, we then add only the highest quality salt. For our freshwater aquariums we reconstitute the filtered water with a high quality mineral additive. Maintenance costs for aquariums above 90 gallons:There is an additional dollar per gallon charge for every gallon past 90 gallons. For example, a 100 gallon aquarium would be the $85 minimum, plus $10 for filter media, plus $10 for the 10 gallons above beyond 90 gallons. Service is performed as instructed (we do as instructed) – $90/hour plus travel. Travel is $.75/mile one-way (to the customer).

Ala Carte Service Menu – Order Just What You Need Travel time only applies to these items when they are not accompanied by a maintenance visit. Multiple items can be ordered without maintenance and only incur one travel time charge. Customers who have their aquarium maintained at least once a month by our service company can select the service below at a 10% discount. * Increased water change size during a maintenance visit (beyond the included 20%): freshwater at $.75 / gallon; saltwater at $1.75 / gallon * Aiptasia Treatment: $35 per half hour treatment + $10 supply fee* * Coral fragging: $40 per half hour session + $20 supply fee* * Freshwater water change: $1.25/gallon (minimum $30 charge) + travel fee * Saltwater water change: $2.50/gallon (minimum $30 charge) + travel fee * Algae scrub: $.25 gallon (minimum $35 charge) + travel fee * Recharge filter media: $35/hour + media + travel fee (½ hour minimum)

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